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"What you do today can change all of your tomorrows..."

Our Services

We promise to provide you the tools to be the most effective leader you can be.


We work personally with participants to administer the assessment and then use the results to create a personal development plan. Afterward, we assist participants with taking necessary steps towards progress and hold them accountable for personal change.

Team Building

Your team members will feel both valued and valuable when you invest in their development. The happy by-products of team building include improved employee engagement and the creation of strong loyalty bonds. In addition, participation in team-building exercises and trainings fosters a positive environment for creating solutions cohesively.


To a group of 8 or 800, we can deliver keynote addresses on an array of topics ranging from individual growth to business leadership and strategy. You choose the subject, and we’ll deliver compelling content created specifically for your audience.

Who We Are

Savant Leadership Solutions was founded out of an ardent passion to help others create positive change in their careers, their businesses, and in their lives.


Catherine Wicklund - CEC, CPF

CEO of Savant Leadership

“I was drawn to coaching because of my innate desire to serve others and to help leaders focus on continuous improvement. I believe the old adage: ‘if you are not part of the solution, you are part of problem.’ My coaching assists clients in determining what the problem and gaps really are, and what steps they can take to create and move forward with their own solutions. My trainings leave the audience with real skills and knowledge they can apply immediately.”

Here are some

Client Testimonials

"Catherine has natural leadership and development skills that make her an excellent coach. While many people have to learn these skills, one of Catherine’s innate passions and abilities is to guide others toward creating and reaching their personal and professional goals. She has a gentle, yet solid coaching style; she doesn’t tell someone where their passions are, but asks the right questions to guide them to discover it on their own. Catherine has the professionalism and adaptability to work with and develop anyone from a janitor to a CEO. She is a unique, rare personality that thrives in developing others full time.” ~Amanda

"Catherine possesses all of the coaching skills that make her a natural personal and professional coach: great listener, ability to ask questions in a way that makes a person think about another perspective, approachable, friendly, open demeanor and open mind, and – above all – she is trustworthy.” ~ Terri

"Catherine is a natural coach – she has a positive attitude and interacts effectively with those around her. She provides beneficial feedback to help move things forward, and she’s able to synthesize and help you express your own ideas in a way that makes sense. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and is able to offer different viewpoints and perspectives. She’s realistic, sincere, and works to identify the underlying or core problem. She’s a great listener and communicator and truly pays attention to details. She is someone you want in your court." ~ Mike

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