Executive Roundtables

Peer-to-peer conversations with other C-level executives will help you learn, grow, change, challenge and laugh. By becoming a participant, you gain rare access to a tight-knit community of peers that are able to identify with you and your unique opportunities and challenges in a way no one else can.

Vistage Worldwide core purpose: To help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.

The personal and business benefits of executive roundtables are captured in this article from Forbes, “The Underestimated Power of Executive Roundtables.”
Team Building

Your team members will feel both valued and valuable when you invest in their development. The happy by-products of team building include improved employee engagement and the creation of strong loyalty bonds. In addition, participation in team-building exercises and trainings fosters a positive environment for creating solutions cohesively.

We have developed over 50 team trainings in areas such as:

Behavior Styles
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Developing Self/Developing Others
Employee Engagement
Leadership Styles
Retaining Top Talent
Succession Planning
We provide the necessary tools to help identify successors and/or development areas for potential leaders at any level of the organization or business. We then work with you to create an execution and communication strategy as well as determine optimal timing.
360° Assessment

The Benchmarks 360° Assessment is used to determine strengths and areas for development for both current and potential leaders in a company or organization.

We work personally with participants to administer the assessment and then use the results to create a personal development plan. Afterward, we assist participants with taking necessary steps towards progress and hold them accountable for personal change.

Keynote Speaker
To a group of 8 or 800, we can deliver keynote addresses on an array of topics ranging from individual growth to business leadership and strategy. You choose the subject, and we’ll deliver compelling content created specifically for your audience.